Welcome to BEKS innovations GmbH!


In order to deliver custom-tailored intelligent solutions, it is important to meet our customer needs. Therefore, together with our customers, we work out a common understanding of their goals, before the project gets started. For that purpose we rely on innovative analysis methods, such as Design Thinking.


The improved understanding of the process needs empirical knowledge. Therefore, we rely on many years of expertise in different sectors of finance, insurance, logistics and production. These know-hows help us understand the processes in other business domains better and faster.


Our success depends on our customers success. Therefore, we consider every project, regardless of its size, as an important element of our achievements. Every challenge that we can master together with our customers is essential for us.


It is not possible to be equally strong everywhere. For this reason, we focus on the areas, where we can ensure to help our customers. Our strengths focus on the optimization and automation of business processes, big data, business intelligence and enterprise application integration, as well as financial and actuarial mathematics.

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